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The Best Food in Carrboro

Here's a disclaimer: I have not eaten in every restaurant in Carrboro. But I have eaten in a lot of them.

Milltown. Glass Half Full. Acme. Open Eye Cafe. Spotted Dog Cafe. Southern Rail. Weaver Street Market. Crooks Corner. Carrburritos. Amantes Pizza. Notable omissions include Elmos Diner, Panzanella and Provence.

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Only in a small town would you feel a little guilty about not eating in every single restaurant.

Despite that, however, I will say this the best food being served in Carrboro these days is sold in trucks that make, almost exclusively, tacos. The "Latin Grill" truck that pulls up in the parking lot of Fitch Lumber makes great tacos because it does one thing, and it does it very well. The flavors are clean, the meats are well cooked, the sauces are spicy but don't overwhelm.

This is not meant as any sort of a slight to other restaurants in the area. But so far, nothing else I've tasted has come close to the level of flavor or the singularity of taste. Many restaurants are trying hard, but they seem to quickly get out of their comfort level. Flavors get muddled and the food overall seems subdued, as if chefs are trying not to overwhelm customers.

The taco trucks, by contrast, are putting out simple foods that purport to be nothing but good, honest, clean, flavorful, simple foods.

I say "clean," but this isn't meant as a comment on sanitation. Though, for the record, North Carolina regulations require mobile food preparation units to be essentially "tied" to an inspected/permitted commercial kitchen and to return daily for cleaning. You can find details on the local taco trucks here and North Carolina food sanitation regs here.

No, by "clean" I mean that the food has distinct flavors. It's crisp. The roast pork and the spicy tomatillo sauce may meld well, but they still taste like those two elements. And this is important: to me, it's a sign that the food you're eating is well prepared and well seasoned. It may not be the most complex, intricate or refined food, but it is extremely well-made.

For my money ($1.75), the best taco is the roast pork (carnitas) that, at times, has a touch of hoisin sauce added to it. This is a great addition: a hint of floral sweetness in the background that is elusive, a touch of asian flavor that really brings the taco together.

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