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Air conditioning

Air conditioning is the simultaneous control of a variety of factors that have an affect on the physical and chemical condition of the atmosphere within a structure such as a building. These factors can all affect a person's health so some degree. These can include temperature, motion, humidity, dust, distribution, bacteria, odors, and toxic gases.

Properly conditioned air is air that has had one or more of the factors performed on it; it might have been heated or cooled, moisture has been removed from it, it might have been put into motion by some apparatus such as a fan, or it may have been filtered and cleaned.

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Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems cool and heat rooms, but that is not the only thing that they do. The room itself is not treated by the HVAC system, just the air in the room. Air is like a vehicle that is used to carry heat and moisture from one place to another. Every cubic foot of air in a room weighs something, and the weigh depends on it's moisture content and temperature. The altitude of the building also comes into play.

Air Circulation

It is important that the HVAC system circulates the air at all times. The two reasons are:

1. The air needs to be constantly circulating in order to carry heat and moisture away from the body. When this is not working correctly, a person can become quite uncomfortable, even when in a room with relatively low humidity.

2. The air has to be continuously drawn into the conditioner and then passed over the evaporator, which is cool, so that the humidity that it has collected from the room can be condensed and then gotten rid of through the system's drain.

Cleaning and Filtering the Air

So many air cleaning and filtering devices are on the market that it is easy to get confused. Their job is to help to eliminate all of the little particles that are in the circulated air, many of which can cause property damage and are hazardous to one's health. The main particles that are filtered are dust, fumes, and smoke. Dust and fumes will settle in the room if the air is still, but smoke will actually remain in motion in the air if it is not removed.

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