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New Day (breakfast 11/19/08)

Its a new day and we're halfway though the week! I say that but I am going to make it a goal for the future to not focus so much on getting through the week. I put so much emphasis on Friday and weekend that when I think about the logic behind it, it seems silly. Really, is life that bad that I am only happy 3 days of the week?! No! There is no reason why we all can't have a great Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdayyou see where I'm going with this.

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Thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments! I feel the good energy and I'm grateful

While we still do not have hot water, I did manage to shower so I'm not the stinky girl at work. Hopefully that will be fixed soon because cold showers aren't that fun when it's in the 40s and SNOW is predicted on Friday (just in time for Matts birthday on Saturday!).

We have been doing well with walking to work so far this week (ok, it's only two for two but that is still good!) but we are going to drive in today. I don't know about the gym visit I have scheduled for tomorrow. That largely depends on the hot water situation.

I know it's a repeat but for breakfast I had a big soy yogurt mess , the same one I had on Monday but a little bigger. I love the combo and it holds me over really well. In case any of you are doubtful that this is a substantial breakfast (I know it's hard to tell serving sizes but I try my best), this bowl is about 400 calories ! I didn't add up the protein but I bet it's pretty high, too, with the yogurt and the nuts.

Thats all for now! I am hoping to change the poll question later so check back with me soon

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