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Diy Solar Energyrenewable Power For The Home

If you are serious about do-it-yourself solar energy for your home, you have picked the right time to do it. The advancement in solar panels in the last five years has been astounding. The development of transistor and accompanying semiconductor technology, has drastically increased photovoltaic power and efficiency. Today, commonly available solar panels are 12% efficient, which is four times greater than only a few years ago. Even for those of you who live in extremely windy areas, it is still best to combine your Wind Turbine system with that of a solar energy system. The reason has to do with a few factors of nature. Did you know, for example, that the small amount of the suns rays that hit your roof, greatly surpass all the energy that is transported through the utility company electric wires? So if we look at solar panels and wind turbine rotors as merely collectors, you can see that the amount of electricity that is produced is based on the collectors area. It is for that reason that the proper solar energy system can more than handle all your electricity needs. Here is another fact that will astound you. The entire total of fossil fuels on Earth can be matched by the solar energy output of the sun on Earth, in less than three days.

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The obvious reason for considering solar is fact that it is a renewable non- polluting source of energy. You should also know that it has no moving parts to break down, and requires very little maintenance. Another very important aspect is that contrary to most contractors' misconception it is not a difficult installation. For those of you who live or are considering living in extremely remote or rural areas if electricity is available it is usually expensive. In those cases solar power is undoubtedly the right way to go. However, even in areas where power lines are nearby, solar may still be a viable alternative to being connected to a power company. An average home has more than enough roof area to produce enough solar electricity to supply all of it's power needs. All that is needed is an inverter, which converts direct current (DC) power from the Solar Cells to alternating current (AC), which are what most home appliances run on. A Solar Home, except for the obvious changes to the roof, will look and operate just like any home does when it was connected to the power line.

So, how much will it actually cost, to make your own solar panels? You can, with the right instruction, build your solar panels for less than $200 each. I suggest that if you don't have the time or you're just not willing to put in the effort, you can hire a couple of competent handy men to implement the project, and still save thousands. Real people, not corporations, have come up with efficient and extremely affordable programs that walk you through step by step instructions, on how to build and install Renewable Energy for your home. You must be careful however, because many instructional books and guides are confusing and have complicated diagrams. So before getting started you must find the correct step-by-step instructions. You don't need to be a builder. Anybody can Make Solar Panels. It's really quite easy to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets. You must make sure that the guide you chose has step by step instruction, detailed diagrams, plenty of pictures and video teaching aids.

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