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Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Making your views picture perfect!

We use a full range of methods and techniques to carry out our highly regarded window cleaning service. Depending on your needs and requirements our expertly trained technicians will advise you on the best course of action to clean and maintain your buildings windows.

Our range of methods include:


Abseil window cleaning techniques are used when a building is too tall to use traditional/reach and wash methods and does not have cradle access. Abseiling requires correctly fitted eyebolts (see eyebolt section for fitting and testing) which our trained operatives use to winch down to the associated window.


Sometimes it is most practical to use a cradle technique to wash a building’s windows. Our window cleaners are highly experienced with all cradle types from hand winched and rope to electric.

reach & wash

Water-fed extendable carbon fibre pole reaching up to 80ft using filtered Reverse Osmosis water for the best possible finish. For our London window cleaning teams we use state of the art IONIC Swift poles for the most efficient service and best results.


Traditional window cleaning uses a squeegee and either ladders or a harnesses from eyebolts that are installed to the building.

eye bolt testing

We use fully qualified contractors to install and carry out eye bolt testing used for abseiling, ensuring that all engineers meet British Standards(BS EN 795) and all eyebolts and equipment conform to the British Standards Committee (BS 7883:2005).

Eyebolts used for abseiling are required to be tested twice a year. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

jet washing

We are specialists in high pressure jet washing in London. We use professional equipment to achieve the best possible result – people are often surprised how great their decking/patio/walls look after we finish.

To discuss our window cleaning service or to arrange for one of our technicians to provide a free consultation and quote please call us on 01474 876800 or use our quote button at the top of the page!

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