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“We’ve been using ecms for over a year & are very happy with the service. Their cleaners are very reliable, efficient & trustworthy. Thoroughly recommended.”

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Stone Floor Cleaning

Keeping up appearances is vitally important for your business because you want your building to make the right impression for customers and visitors. If you have cracked, dirty or scratched stone floors, you can restore them with the ECMS Stone Floor Cleaning Service. We offer an outstanding service that administers a special non-damaging restorative chemical so your stonework looks as good as new. As you’d expect with ECMS, we only employ highly trained stone technicians in London and the South East who have years of experience so they instinctively know how to treat your stone, no matter what type it is.

Fully Knowledgeable Stone Technicians

Restoring stone floor is a job that requires a skilled workman because it uses special techniques such as polishing and even changing the surface to match other finishes. Our stone technicians have worked with all stone and tiled floors for many years and understand the different materials. They can work with granite, travertine, natural stone, limestone and marble. When you call our customer services team, they will arrange for someone to visit your place of business and identify the type of stone that needs cleaning up. They will also asses the size of the job, giving you a tailor-made quote and a timescale to complete. Additionally they will advise the type of cleaning treatment required and what they propose to use on your stone floor.

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning Equipment

Our stone technicians carry the right professional equipment on-board and use a special machine which administers gentle yet effective mechanical abrasion. This machine is capable of removing staining, dirt and scratching. In many cases, it can also repair cracks too. Stone floor cleaning uses various applications such as tile replacement, marble crystallisation, lippage removal, polishing and honing for the very best results.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team is renowned for courteous, reliable and professionalism so you know you are always in safe hands. We endeavour to complete your job quickly and guarantee excellent results. Every job is given a dedicated Account Manager who will keep you informed throughout the process so you know what to expect and how long the job will take. Stone floor cleaning can take place outside of business hours so there is no disruption to your working day too.

To find out more about Stone Floor Cleaning call ECMS or drop us a line.


Well, stone floors and tiles are usually expensive investments so it’s important to keep the area maintained and by getting it cleaned regularly, you will keep it looking as good as new.

This depends on the size of the job and our representative will advise you of a timescale when they visit your premises.

There are products available to purchase but many of these are abrasive and not for professional use which is why it’s best to employ someone at ECMS who is fully trained in the art of stone floor cleaning.

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