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    “We’ve been using ecms for over a year & are very happy with the service. Their cleaners are very reliable, efficient & trustworthy. Thoroughly recommended.”

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    CCTV Camera

    CCTV and Access Control

    Protecting Your Business

    Unfortunately, in today’s world, protecting your business is of paramount importance.

    There are many security risks; theft, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and even terrorism.

    Whatever your business, you need to feel safe. Even more so if yours is the type of business that allows access to the general public, for example, a school, healthcare provider, shop etc.

    It’s essential to assess your security options so you have complete peace of mind that you, your staff and your business are well-protected.

    The Access Control & CCTV Experts

    ECMS are the experts when it comes to Access Control & CCTV, offering different options to help safeguard your company and staff.

    Not only do our Access Control systems and CCTV equipment protect staff, they also help to secure your building and prevent intruders.

    CCTV safeguards your building and the surrounding area so you can keep an eye out for suspicious activity and record it.

    Access Control prevents unwanted visitors.

    Both systems act as an excellent deterrent.

    Maintaining Security With Affordability

    Whether you are looking for a single security system or a combination of solutions we organise everything, from door locks to keypad passcodes, fob entrance to security tokens, ID cards and more.

    As well as installing state-of-the-art equipment we also conduct all the maintenance, keeping your systems up to date and checking they operate efficiently so you are always safeguarded.

    Every business is different and our highly trained, approachable team take time to understand what you need, discussing your expectations.

    We provide you with a tailor-made competitively priced plan with the correct security service solution for you.

    You have complete confidence that we will deliver a high quality safe system to meet your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At ECMS, we take our time to get to know your business and we survey your building to highlight the areas we think need protection.

    Our team is highly trained, reliable, honest and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of security.

    We take time to detail a suitable plan of action bespoke to your requirements and budget.

    We show you how everything works and explain each system’s intricacies to help you make your decision.

    Access control gives you the ability to decide who can and cannot enter your building. There are systems that are compatible with online programmes too which enable you to see who has entered and left your premises.

    Access control can be used wherever you want, whether it’s just at the front and rear entrances or on some or all doors.

    The system is connected to a lock which is controlled electronically.  Some systems work on a key fob, others on a card and these enable the door to open.

    These types of systems are so intuitive they instantly pick up the related key fob or card without needing to present it.  They are often used for businesses that use vehicles or need to transport boxes through entrances.

    It stands for Closed Circuit Television and it is used to view an area outside or inside a building.

    This is a hard drive which stores the images taken by the camera.

    Yes through a DVR which is a digital video recorder and it usually comes with remote viewing software that you can connect to using broadband.

    You need to register your commercial CCTV system with the Data Protection Registrar and follow the guidelines provided.

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