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“We’ve been using ecms for over a year & are very happy with the service. Their cleaners are very reliable, efficient & trustworthy. Thoroughly recommended.”

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Carpet Fitting

When you’re fitting out a brand new business, whether a large commercial building, office, retail store or public services provider you need someone you can rely on to get your carpet fitted to perfection. Carpet fitting must be undertaken by a trained team who understand the complexities of cutting it to fit and getting it perfectly aligned so it sits properly. That’s why ECMS offer an outstanding Carpet Fitting and supply service to businesses in London and the South East. All of our carpet fitters are fully trained in what they do, boasting years of invaluable experience and will complete your job to exceed expectations. For peace of mind, our fitters are trained by FITA (The Flooring Industry Training Association).

Carpet Fitting After Hours or at Weekends

When you call our helpful customer services team, someone will book a convenient time for one of our reliable, friendly carpet fitters to visit your premises and conduct a site survey. During the visit, all measurements will be taken and this is in order to provide you with a tailor-made quote and timescale to complete your job. For complete convenience and to minimise any disruption to your day to day business, our commercial carpet fitting can be conducted out of hours or at weekends.

Old Carpet Removal

If you need help moving office furniture, we will discuss this at your site survey and what is included and not included in the price. We do recommend that desks, cupboards and filing cabinets be emptied before fitting so they can be moved easily prior to fitting, however, this will all be discussed with you when we first visit. Additionally, we can remove old carpet and carpet tiles. While it is not a regular request for commercial businesses, if required we can also fit new underlay.

To find out more Carpet Fitting call ECMS or drop us a line.


As part of ECMS’ services we can help to clear your room but it is not carried out by our carpet fitters and would need to be booked separately. We do need your area clear and unfortunately, if it isn’t free from furniture it can delay your carpet fitting service.

We recommend that you buy carpet tiles which are rubber-backed (we can also supply them) for a commercial business as they are extremely long lasting and are easy to replace individually if stained. We do supply and fit sheet carpet but not as often as carpet tiles.

Yes, we have a wide selection of different types of carpet and carpet tiles that are hardwearing and long-lasting – just what you need for your business!

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