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“Our London office has worked with ecms for many years. In my experience, ecms staff are well presented and standards are consistently high.”

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Safeguarding tomorrow’s generation

ecms ltd are highly proactive in regards to climate care and recognises its responsibilities as a Facilities Support Company and concerns itself with both the long and short-term effect of its business in relation to the environment – Both in terms of the cleaning agents used and in handling waste disposal.

To this end ecms ltd has accepted a positive policy to promote a practical day-to-day commitment to the environment and climate care.

  • We train our staff about their responsibility in adhering to good environmental practices.
  • We are committed to using the most environmentally friendly means to provide our services for no extra cost.
  • We use environmentally rated low impact products from Evans plus biodegradable black and white sacks.
  • We offer recycling services to all our clients to promote and encourage people to reduce waste & recycle wherever possible.

See our full policy list.

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ecms was established over 30 years ago in 1985 and cleans over 2 million square foot of office space in London and the home counties before 8am every morning!

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