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Investigating Roof Leaks Thoroughly

A leaking roof is an inconvenience that no business needs which is why help is always at hand with ECMS’ roof leak detection service. Ignoring a leak only leads to a bigger problem so it’s wise to choose an experienced company who understands roofing and knows how to investigate thoroughly. Some leaks can cause damage to property and when you’re running a business, you need to know your roof is secure so there’s no chance of water ingression.

ECMS Pinpoints The Problem

Our London based roof leak detection service is second to none and we have years of invaluable experience which is why we are used by hundreds of businesses in the Capital. Our team conducts in-depth robust testing, pinpointing the problem or potential issues. Once we’ve diagnosed what needs to be done, we provide you with detailed condition reports. It’s also our priority to undertake all repair work with minimum disruption to your business. Our team is professional, friendly and adaptable, always striving for excellence.

Finding Hidden Leaks

There are many reasons why leaks occur, sometimes it’s because there is a small weak area of the structure of the roof or perhaps the weakness areas are in brickwork, parapets, cladding or glazing. Sometimes it’s obvious where a roof leak is but mostly, leaks are hidden. In order to find out exactly where the problem is, we use various methods to detect roof leaks. Rest-assured, all of our equipment is designed to protect your assets.

  • Spray Bar Testing is used for open-jointed systems, opening lights, rain-screen cladding, doors & smoke-vents and involves using a jet spray of water on an area to see how water-tight your roof is.
  • Electronic Leak Detection (or “wet test”) checks the membrane and is effective at pinpointing the exact leak area. This non-invasive test can be done with or without water and is generally for flat roofs.
  • Controlled Pressure Testing is used on sealed joints on cladding and this water-tightness test makes sure that the joints are secure by applying strong, controlled pressure.
  • Flood Testing is used to check waterproofing and make sure your roof is suitably sealed. We use special dyes for this type of testing.

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

Our team work quickly and efficiently and all of our work is of a high standard. We can offer guarantees and manufacturer’s warranties on complete roofing jobs. We only employ trained and accredited roofers, giving you complete peace of mind that your roof is in safe hands. It’s also comforting to know that we are available for emergency call-outs guaranteeing a fast and efficient service.

To find out more about Roof Leak Detection call ECMS or drop us a line here.


There are so many different reasons but often it’s down to building deterioration, building movement or poor construction.

No, we only use non-destructive equipment so your roof is protected from damage.

Yes, our testing is very accurate so will find and isolate the leak quickly.

Never ignore a leaking roof because it will grow and in time, it could even rupture a membrane, causing water ingression.

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