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TMV Monitoring

Understanding TMV’s

A TMV is a plumbing valve that mixes hot and cold water, regulating and maintaining water temperatures so they are at a safe level. They work by using an internal thermostat to control a mixed stream of water at a designated temperature (usually between 39 Deg C and 43 Deg C). TMV’s also have a failsafe mechanism and this shuts down the valve if there is a hot or cold water supply failure, therefore protecting your staff, customers and visitors from scalding and thermal shock. All TMV’s at your place of business, especially in healthcare and social settings, need to be monitored for healthy and safety compliance.

Meeting TMV Standards

At ECMS we have highly trained engineers who visit your premises to organise all your building compliance testing and maintenance. TMV monitoring involves the maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves, temperature monitoring and health testing. Your business needs to be protected from the risk of scalding water which is why thermostatic mixing valves must be installed and regularly inspected to ensure they meet industry standards. When we visit your site, we check your TMV’s and where necessary we conduct fine mess strainer cleaning, descaling and disinfection. We also check for temperature safety and good quality water standards are achieved.

Thorough TMV Inspections

TMV’s must be carefully controlled. Our team carry all the latest testing equipment, disinfectants and componentry on-board to keep your TMV’s properly maintained and serviced so they work efficiently and safely. We check for potential scalding by monitoring water temperature because the Department of Health state that hot water should be stored at a minimum of 60 Deg C, dispensed at minimum 55 Deg C to avoid risk of injury. If temperature has increased by more than 2 Deg C a valve replacement or full service will be required.

We also survey your TMV’s to make sure that all your TMV valves are installed correctly, to specification. Additionally, our engineers inspect efficiency of TMV operation. This test makes sure that your TMV’s work properly in case of water supply failure. If necessary, our engineers can carry out maintenance when they visit, therefore minimising inconvenience to your day to day running of your business. Following inspection, we provide you with a detailed report where all findings are logged.

What We Do

  • Visual inspection to make sure valves are fitted properly according to specification
  • Water temperature, we measure and record the temperature so it is in the correct range
  • Failsafe test to check for cold water supply isolation in the event of a water failure
  • Cleaning, we clean, descale and disinfect fine mesh strainers and valve components

Highly Trained TMV Engineers

It’s vital that you have your TMV’s regularly inspected so they work properly because if they fail, it could lead to injury. When you choose us you know you are in safe hands. Rest assured that all the ECMS engineers are reliable, courteous and highly trained in this area.

To find out more about TMV Monitoring call ECMS or drop us a line.


If they fail, you are at risk of scalding your staff, customers and visitors because TMV’s control the temperature of your water therefore it is important to have regular inspections for compliance.

If you are in a healthcare or social care business you must check them very regularly because the elderly, infirm and children are especially at risk of thermal shock or scalding. If a valve fails it needs replacing or repairing. Your first TMV test should take place up to 8 weeks after installation and then you should have another in 12 to 15 weeks. Following this period, it is wise to get your TMV’s checked twice a year.

There are approval schemes based on regulations in the Building Regulations (Part G 3.66 Prevention of Scalding) states that your TMV’s must comply with European standards En1111 and En1287.

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