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“We’ve been using ecms for over a year & are very happy with the service. Their cleaners are very reliable, efficient & trustworthy. Thoroughly recommended.”

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Washroom & Hygiene Services

The standard of hygiene in your washrooms leaves a lasting impression and tells a lot about the type of business you run. ECMS provides your entire washroom and hygiene services as part of a rental contract so you know you are fully equipped with everything you need for sanitary care. Whether you’re looking for hand dryers or soap dispensers, towel holders or toilet tissue, we cater for every size business, large and small. When you use our service, we also look after any maintenance, replacing faulty items, replenishing stock levels and keeping your washroom in perfect working order. All of our products are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers and we are always looking for the latest products so you know you’re getting the best from us. As one of the leading London and South East suppliers of washroom and hygiene services, we are the choice of most businesses. Additionally, we pride ourselves in offering superb customer service leaving you to get on with what’s most important to you; the day to day running of your business.

Convenience & Regular Servicing

Hiring our Washroom and Hygiene Services means you don’t need to worry about anything running out or developing a fault. Our team are only at the end of a phone and will endeavour to replace anything you need extremely quickly. Additionally, when you take out a hire contract for your Washroom and Hygiene Services, we regularly visit to check your products for signs of wear and tear and will replace anything that doesn’t meet our stringent standards. This type of contract often works out far cheaper than purchasing the products yourself because we take on the responsibility of your washroom products and when necessary, replace what you hire from us, offering greater convenience to you.

All Delivery & Installation Taken Care Of

When you call us to discuss your washroom and hygiene needs, we will either send someone out to you to help you choose what you want or we will suggest a suitable list. Once you’ve decided what you want, we will deliver and install everything so you can relax and leave it to us to arrange everything for you. This gives you flexibility and convenience. We also dispose of your waste, arrange servicing at a convenient time (outside business hours if you prefer) and assign you with a friendly, reliable and courteous Account Manager so you have one point of contact. Finally, as you would expect from ECMS, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction giving you peace of mind that you’ve chosen wisely.

What We Provide

  • Hand Dryers
  • Hand Towel Dispensers
  • Roller Towels
  • Soap Dispensers
  • Soap
  • Cleansing
  • Feminine Waste
  • Urinal Sanitisers
  • Sani-Bins
  • Toilet Seat Sanitisers
  • Toilet Tissue Dispensers
  • Air Fresheners
  • Baby-Changing Stations
  • Washroom Vending Machines
  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Fresheners

To find out more about Washroom & Hygiene Services call ECMS or drop us a line.


Where possible we always try to supply environmentally friendly products, for example, paper towels. Sometimes, it is not possible, for example, certain chemicals may not be environmentally friendly but they are essential in maintaining a high level of hygiene which is why we carry them.

Your Account Manager will discuss this with you as it very much depends on the size of your business and frequency of washroom use but we can organise anything you want; daily or every other day replenishment, once a week or even once every fortnight.

Yes, we can organise for one of our ECMS Hygiene representatives to visit your business premises and discuss suitable options for your washrooms.

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