28 October 2016

The Importance of Maintaining Roof Guttering

Keep unexpected costly repairs to a minimum

As a property owner, regular cleaning and clearing of roof guttering is rarely at the forefront of your priorities but if ignored for too long, can develop into a costly and time consuming problem.

No one wants to have to take care of such a messy and unglamorous job but with the change in season, falling leaves, debris and build up of moss can start to fill your gutters up rapidly. And before you know it, you have a problem with leaks, cracking pipework and a whole big mess to clean up and repair.


Check Your Gutters Regularly

Believe it or not but the best time to check your gutters is during periods of heavy rainfall. The early autumn months are best as temperatures are still above freezing so you’ll be able to easily spot leaks or overflowing. Make sure you walk around the entire outline of the property and look carefully for problem areas.

Small leaks can usually be repaired by someone with basic DIY knowledge however, larger scale damage may require the replacement of an entire section of guttering. Don’t forget to check the downpipes where possible as debris build up is incredibly common in these areas. Larger objects such as moss, mortar and broken roof tiles can easily block downpipes and prevent clear drainage, which will lead to water build up and leaks. In winter, standing water can freeze, then expand and lead to cracks developing in the pipework.

Check Your Surroundings

If your building is located near to a number of trees, especially those overhanging your roof then leaves will be a major problem. Overhanging trees will shed leaves, nectar and other organic material which will encourage the development of moss growth on your roof tiles. If this is you, regular checks of your gutters is imperative.

During periods of heavy rain, moss will fill up your gutters, along with leaves during the fall season and before you know it, your guttering will be full of debris that from ground level, you may not even realise is present.

Clearing Your Gutters

If your gutters are reachable using a sturdy and suitable ladder, wear some heavy duty rubber gloves, grab plenty of thick bin bags and scoop out the moss and debris by hand. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!

Once the bulk of the debris is cleared, speak to a specialist jet spraying company. They can get onto the roof and jet clean the gutters fully and from the roof, check that your downpipes are clean and draining correctly. If any blockages are present, they should be able to find the culprits and remove any items that are preventing your gutters from draining fully during wetter periods.

Once done, it’s one less maintenance job to worry about for another year.


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