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Windows & Glazing

Most modern buildings are now designed with a high proportion of glass construction. Glazing units often require maintenance just like any other part of a building. This type of maintenance includes blown sills, broken handles, cracks and therefore specialist repairs or replacements may be required. You might also be thinking of re-configuring your office space to include glass partitions, moving doors or installing glass offices. For all of these jobs,you need a glazier. It’s very important to choose someone properly skilled and trained. The glazing team at ECMS have years of high quality experience in installation, an excellent reputation and can advise on the best materials for your needs so you can rely on us to cover all of your window and pane needs.

Windows, Doors, Glass Units & More

We supply and install windows, doors, glass units, glass partitions, glazing units, conservatories and more so whether you want to install brand new windows or you simply need replacement panes you’re in safe hands. Our glaziers guarantee quality installation, giving you complete confidence in our outstanding service. No matter what size of project, we have the experience to take on your job!

High-Level Glazing

ECMS can replace any type of glazing, even at high-level on a tall building. We can undertake the replacement of large-scale glazing units, often using a variety of access equipment including cranes and winches. We also have Level 3 IRATA trained abseilers that can abseil down your building for meticulous installation. Where necessary we can supply a team of five or six glaziers, all highly experienced and comfortable working on tall buildings consisting of a number of floors.

Fully Knowledgeable On All Glazing

When you call our glazier team, we come and inspect your premises and advise you on the right type of windows, or door panels depending on what you want to achieve. We can also advise on different window types such as double glazing and triple glazing, discuss how to reduce your energy bills with energy-efficient windows and help you decide on what’s best for your business. We have access to a large variety of different products including commercial aluminium shop fronts, doors and curtain walling, PVC-u windows & doors, bi-folds, secondary double glazing, conservatories and balcony enclosures.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s our job to make sure you are fully satisfied with our work and we only provide the best quality. Our installations are carried out by fully qualified fitters and all of the team are reliable, courteous and friendly working hard to minimise any disruption to your business and completing every glazing job to perfection. We are also very price-conscious and we pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing because we endeavour to keep our own overheads to the minimum.

To find out more about Windows & Glazing call ECMS or drop us a line.


Double glazing comprises of two panes of glass in a window frame. In the middle of the two panes is a layer of argon gas which helps to keep heat inside, therefore gives you better energy efficiency. The second pane of glass helps to minimise noise from the outside so your business premises isn’t disturbed by traffic, conversations and everyday exterior noise. Finally, two panes of glass give you more security because of the additional strength.

Triple glazing consists of three panes of glass and gives you excellent energy efficiency. In addition, these panes include thermal inserts which help to minimise heat loss so warmth is kept inside. This helps to dramatically reduce heating bills during the colder months of the year.

Window energy ratings work similarly to electrical energy ratings and range from A++ to G. A++ is the highest rating and G the lowest. Building regulations state that all windows must be at least C-rated. Every window should have a label explaining what the rating is.

The actual rating is calculated based on various different elements:

U value (thermal transmittance, how much heat escapes through the glass)
G value (solar factor, how much energy comes from the sun)
L value (air leakage, how much air is leaked through the window)

Every window has a unique label displaying how it conforms.

Condensation comes from many different factors including people, plants, animals and heating. Good ventilation helps to reduce condensation so if your windows have trickle vents across the top, keep them open. Double and triple glazing helps to reduce condensation because both types of windows are designed to retain internal heat and prevent transference of cold getting air inside.

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